Why scholarly activity and innovation are priorities:

We aspire to be internationally known as an innovation leader that encourages a culture of research collaboration. We will become one of the top research institutions in the country thereby solidifying our position as a Tier 1 institution in a way that is consistent with UNT's values and strengths. To achieve our goals, we will commit to providing the resources required to be nationally competitive.  We will promote collaboration and provide the process and infrastructure support needed to encourage our diverse community to develop a flourishing research culture. We will encourage inter- and cross-disciplinary research, the formation of nimble research teams and multi-institutional efforts to address complex issues and societal challenges.  Attention to spaces and customer service will help us recruit and retain the best and brightest, and will improve our success in building reputation, increasing external funding, connecting to the community, and innovating to benefit the world around us.


We will support, communicate, and celebrate a dedicated culture of scholarly activity at UNT to expand UNT's innovative impact for our students and our community.


  • Support, mentor, and highlight our student scholars
  • Expand resources and revise procedures to facilitate innovation at UNT
  • Support the development of “Tier One Our Way” through targeted innovation activities

Key Overall Collaborative Strategy:

We will collaborate to create a research and innovation community where all areas and all people can excel.

Five-Year Metrics:

  • Research expenditures increased
    • HERD to $100 million
    • NRUF to $45 million
  • Scholarly activity increased
    • T/TT to 894
    • Multi-institutional grants to 20
    • Post-docs to 100
    • Licenses to 12
    • Disclosures to 50