As part of UNT's commitment as a caring, innovative and student-focused university, UNT joined the Education Advisory Board's (EAB) Student Success Collaborative, a coalition of more than 550 higher education institutions dedicated to closing achievement gaps so that each and every student can achieve academic success. UNT is implementing Navigate, EAB's student success management system, to support students from enrollment to graduation by aggregating previously disparate data into a more holistic view of each student's academic experience.

Navigate is a comprehensive student success system to help faculty and staff better serve our students, but also provide students with an accessible way to get assistance on campus. The Coordinated Care platform, commonly referred to as Navigate Staff, allows us to share notes and information across departments to break down silos that may prevent us from serving students in the most holistic manner. We can also refer students to other areas through a case management system, track the success of interventions through a robust analytics platform, and identify and target students who may be in need of some extra assistance from a UNT faculty or staff member.

Navigate Milestone Guidance, commonly referred to as Navigate Student, is a student-facing resource. Available in a web version or a super convenient mobile app, students can "swipe their way to success" and find the resources they need more quickly. UNT is a large university and it can be overwhelming for students to find what they really need. Navigate Student allows our students to schedule appointments with advisors, career coaches, and other crucial staff members in one place, sign up for a study group in their class, and access information about our campus resources. Additionally, we can remind and nudge students to take care of important things to keep them on track by creating quick to-do's for students. This allows us to put a crucial action item on a student's Navigate student portal to ensure they don't miss important dates or deadlines such as paying their bill, applying for graduation, or attending a career fair they may not know is happening.


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