UNT spent 2019 focused on developing a five-year strategic plan (January 2020 - January 2025) that would support student success, further UNT's Tier 1 goals, and build a caring community that works well together. During that year, the President visited 42 staff and academic departments to get feedback on priorities that were perceived to be important to move the university forward. From these listening sessions, the three pillars of student empowerment and transformation, people and processes, and scholarly activity and innovation were generated. Cabinet members, deans, Faculty Senate and Staff Senate officers, and community members then met to complete validity checks and ponder application initiatives.

To align finances and priorities, the deans and cabinet members coordinate their budget requests with the Strategic Plan's pillars each year; the President's Executive Group decides on the highest impact initiatives to fund. In 2024, the listening tour cycle will begin again in advance of the development of a January 2025 - January 2030 strategic plan roll out. 

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Strategic plan resources:

Download and print UNT's strategic plan one-pager


At the University of North Texas, our caring and creative community empowers our students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


Our students will be the innovative leaders of tomorrow.


We will become globally known for collaborative and imaginative educational innovation and scholarly activity that transforms our students and benefits the world around us.

How we will achieve our vision:

The Mean Green family is a community that combines creativity and caring to provide an extraordinary educational environment where we go the extra mile to help our diverse student body. To achieve our vision, we will work together to solve complex issues and find ways to empower our students to succeed in the face of a rapidly changing world. This challenge calls on us to become more nimble and collaborative as an institution. Because we are a caring, creative campus, we value important connections that happen through collaboration, interdisciplinary engagement, connectivity, and synergistic solutions to challenges at our university, in DFW, and beyond. Thus, we will dedicate ourselves to creating a stronger collaborative environment where we hear and respond to the voices of our diverse internal and external communities to empower our students and meet the needs of Texas. The cross-cutting synergies and connectivity created by building a culture of collaboration will drive our success across all planning areas, and enhance our reputation as an innovative, next generation institution.