Screen shot of RaiseMe portalPlease note that this program is not affiliated with RaiseMe's High School Scholarship program.

Campus Logic's RaiseMe platform is a web-based service for current first-time-in-college students. Participants earn awards for actions taken as an undergraduate throughout the fall term that lead to student success. 

Participants must be invited to claim their accounts through the RaiseMe platform. For each successfully completed task, students may earn monies to be applied to their financial aid for the following year. To receive awards, students must re-enroll at the University of North Texas and remain in good academic standing.

Students should login to the RaiseMe platform regularly to see new tasks with specific deadlines so that they maximize their earning potential.

Success Guides

Success Guides are current undergraduate and graduate students who work with first-time-in-college students to find connections on campus, practice goal setting and reflection, and access campus resources for academic, social and emotional support.

Selecting Student Success Activities

Leaders from the Division of Student Affairs, the Division of Academic Affairs, and the Division of Planning, in consultation with Student Success Guides identified and incentivized activities associated with student success (i.e., meeting with advisors, joining tutoring sessions, attending financial coaching, pairing with an ACCESS Mentor, submitting the FAFSA, etc.).

Verifying Activities

Most activities are verified by input from the participant following the activity. Input may include a response to a reflection question, a piece of information acquired during the activity, and/or a selfie or another form of verification. Some tasks are then cross-referenced with institutional records to confirm completion, such as submission of the FAFSA or participation in ACCESS Mentoring. Items that require institutional records for verification will show as “pending” until the item has been verified. 

Student Success Testimonials

“Especially during COVID RaiseMe was a really fun way to interact with campus and feel like a part of the UNT community while earning money towards my tuition. Because there weren't a lot of upper classmen on campus to show us the ropes, RaiseMe helped me explore what UNT had to offer and reminded me of some really important deadlines for advising!”  -  Sara

Contact Information

Questions can be directed to the Student Success Program Manager in the Division of Planning, Stacey Polk, at Stacey.Polk@unt.edu. For help with RaiseMe's platform, please email support@raise.me