Nest BuildersBuilding Better Pathways to Success

Nest Builders promotes academic success, social connection, career development, and overall wellness for students. Throughout the term, students are prompted to connect with advisors, join tutoring sessions, attend financial coaching, and participate in other activities associated with student success. Participating students may earn awards to be applied to their financial aid for the following year if students maintain full-time status as they continue their undergraduate journey here at the University of North Texas. 

Selecting Student Success Activities 

Leaders from the Division of Student Affairs, the Division of Academic Affairs, and the Division of Planning, in consultation with student focus groups, identified and incentivized activities associated with student success (i.e., meeting with advisors, joining tutoring sessions, attending financial coaching, pairing with an ACCESS Mentor, submitting the FAFSA, etc.). 

Verifying Activities 

Most activities are verified by input from the participant following the activity. Input may include a response to a reflection question, a piece of information acquired during the activity, and/or a selfie or another form of verification. Some tasks are then cross-referenced with institutional records to confirm completion, such as submission of the FAFSA or participation in ACCESS Mentoring.  

Student Success Testimonial 

“I am so grateful for getting involved in this program. It was a great opportunity for me to get involved in all aspects of a college life. It helped me immensely in that it not only helped me financially, but it also provided me a means to get involved and to reduce my stress. I really want to thank all of the team who have supported this program for incoming students, so that they can get a positive start on their education. It was a great experience for me.” - Nabiza  

Contact Information 

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